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 Rules on the creative writing section

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PostSubject: Rules on the creative writing section   Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:23 pm

The rules for creative writing are quite simple, and I'm not a fan of restricting creativity, so I will simply say this.

As long as the writing is not openly and very obviously insulting a person or group, it's ok

do try to not post anything TOO graphic, you can't get in trouble for it, but if it's graphic in anyway

(meaning sexually oriented or having to do with drugs, racism, violence, or religion) simply make small note at the begining as to what the poem pretains to like if i made a poem about killing myself, i'd have the letter M before my topic title

Topic title example would be....

The sword and the skull- M (M for mature people)

Or, The light ray next to the neon dance floor - M

thats pretty much all the rules about creative writing. Fan fiction is A-OK as well
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Rules on the creative writing section
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