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 Our Point system and how it works

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PostSubject: Our Point system and how it works   Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:56 am

All duel academies have a point system, and this one is no different.

Here we call them Battle Points

You can earn battle points in the following ways.

1. Winning duels, they can be anything from a normal match, to a singular duel, to tournaments.

You report duels you have attended on the forum under your specific room in your Knight house (When you join a knight house, you make a topic called "Your name- Room" So mine would be "Skyknight's Room"

you would update your room with important information, and when you win a match, or a singular duel, you are to take a screen shot of the duel and in the KCVDS Chat, your opponent must admit you won it. (Print screen is the PRT SCR button on your keyboard) Once you update your dorm room, inform a staff member and they will add the amount of points you earned. As for tournaments a staff member will be residing to give you points upon winning.

2. Posting on forums, yes you can actually get a few points by making forum posts, just don't spam or we'll deduct points.

3. Reporting a rule breaker awards 50 points, don't clott up staff PM boxes with reports though just because you THINK someone broke the rules, you have to have proof. It's up to the staff member if the acused is truly breaking the rules after that. Remember everyone, innocent until proven guilty.

4. Selling GFX art, or decks. Self Explanatory
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Our Point system and how it works
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