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 Hail To The King Baby

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Superpaladistic Owner

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PostSubject: Hail To The King Baby   Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:56 am

Greetings Knights, Squires, card game motorcyclists, and egyption pharoh reincarnations. My name is Skyknight93, but I prefer to be called the following instead

Red King,

I am the one who built this website from the ground up, everything from scratch. I did have some help on things such as the chat box, you can thank a friend named Saveon for that, he is not on this website and probably never will be. This topic however is about me.

Like I said, I built everything you see before you, I am incharge of this Academy with Nemesis as my partner, When I met Nemesis he asked for members of his league, if you ask him he'll probably tell you he struck gold that day when he asked me to join. I am a duelist of average calibur, but as you can see from the website I have more skills then just dueling. I am a leader, an arbiter of decisions, a friend, but mostly...

I am a sword.

I will not cut the hand that doesn't grasp my sharp edge, and just as a sword does not choose the person it harms, I do not choose who earns my disdain and hatred. If you want to be friends we can be friends, If you want to be enemies, that's your call.

I am here for three reasons,
1. To help Nemesis, he is a good person and is more then deserving of help.
2. To build something worth existing, a legacy of sorts, you could call this a minor accomplishment but bringing people together, is no minor thing in my mind.
3. To make something well new, I'd like to think this academy brings a few new ideas to the table unlike your standard duel academy.

My favorite monsters are the following from greatest to least (Of my favorites of course)

1. Dark Magician (My first deck master, a formidable card to this day)
2. Yubel (My second Deck Master, just playing this card makes my enemy cringe)
3. Arcana Knight Joker (My 3rd Deck Master, strong, and honorable)
4. Sorcerer of Dark Magic (The strongest of all spellcasters)

If you'll note, most of these are dark. which brings me to my next point, my favorite attribute is dark because I myself favor a darker concept of things.

Lets all get to know each other Very Happy

~The Red King
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Hail To The King Baby
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