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 Standard Tournament rules

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PostSubject: Standard Tournament rules   Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:14 pm

Rule 1. No banned cards allowed, unless your position on the forum or Knight House permits them

Rule 2. Banned cards that are ALLOWED by Duelist Kingdom can be used

Rule 3. This type of tournament does not use the match system. It is 1 Duel and your done. No best 2 of the 3 stuff. You have one duel, then move on to the next opponent.

Rule 4. You can be disqualified for distasteful behavior, this can include cussing, racism, or constant afking.

Rule 5. If the Tournament Adviser tells you to the leave the tournament network and you don't, you can be banned, in fact if i find out about it, i won't give ya any chances I'll ban you personally and enjoy doing it too!

Rule 6. If you are beaten in the tournament, you must LEAVE THE TOURNAMENT HAM NETWORK!

Rule 7. Rules can be added to this list

The amount of points earned in this tournament vary depending on the number of players involved

5 player tournament: 30 points first place, 20 points second place

7 player tournament: 50 point first place, 30 point second place

9 player tournament: 100 point first place, 50 point second place

11 or more players: 300 point first place, 150 point second place
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Standard Tournament rules
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