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 Duelist Kingdom Rooks (Moderator)

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PostSubject: Duelist Kingdom Rooks (Moderator)   Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:26 pm

The jobs of a Rook are many, but easy to remember. First and foremost your job is the moderate (Yeah no duh) the forums (Big surprise there Razz)

This entails keeping it clean of profanity, and making sure everyone follows the rules.

You are also in charge making sure people post their topics in the right spot If someone posts a topic in the wrong spot, MOVE IT! Don't tell them to move it, MOVE IT YOURSELF BECAUSE ITS YOUR JOB.

Locking topics that are moot (Aka pointless to have) Is also within your power.

Now other then those jobs, they also have the same duties as a Bishop (Admin) but chances are they will just be an authoritarian power to keep the members from flaming themselves to death.

Rooks like Bishops, (Mods like Admins) Get the following perks

1. They get respect from everyone, even if you hate the person with the title, respect the title itself and it's power.

2. They are allowed to use banned cards in normal duels and tournaments with exceptions

3. They get a 50% discount on GFX art and Decks, and are allowed to pick any title to their name they want.

You are chosen by the Grand Kings for this position
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Duelist Kingdom Rooks (Moderator)
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